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Isonex combines the technical and business abilities of its experienced staff to solve technical and business problems. Most of our projects are in the soda ash, chloralkali, and derivatives industries. Specific single-client projects undertaken in the past include:
Analyze the economics of Wyoming trona refiners and project to 1999.
Evaluate potential to manufacture caustic soda from trona.
Evaluate process alternatives for manufacturing soda ash by synthetic process.
Evaluate the economic potential of developing sodium-bearing deposits via solution mining.

Advise principals in connection with mergers and acquisitions.
Technical-economic feasibility studies for new soda ash plants in several foreign countries.

Marketing studies for soda ash and caustic soda in North America and worldwide.
Marketing study for calcined trona in North America.
Marketing study for soda ash and derivatives in Canada.
Marketing study for soda ash in South Africa.
Marketing study for potential light soda ash production in United States.

Estimate competitive costs at six electrolytic caustic-chlorine plants in the United States.
Estimate competitive costs for all soda ash manufacturers in Japan.
Estimate competitive costs for all soda ash manufacturers in North America.
Estimate competitive costs for manufacturing soda ash in several Latin American countries.
Estimate competitive costs for manufacturing soda ash in Western Europe.
Estimate competitive cost for manufacturing chemical caustic soda in Wyoming.
Estimate manufacturing costs for present and prospective sodium bicarbonate producers in the U.S.

Evaluate alternatives for expanding Solvay-type soda ash plants.
Analyze the operations of Lithium Corporation of America.
Venture analysis for lithium products, Salar de Atacama, Chile.
Prepare strategic plans for trona refining operations.